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Our Staff

Alyssa Wright


“I make horrible science puns, but only periodically!”


Miss Alyssa has been teaching science for over 7 years. She started as a summer camp STEM teacher and fell in love with teaching her favorite subject. She teaches Programming and Science at Fidelis Academy. She is furthering her education in Computer Science at Broward College, she attended Florida Polytechnic University for engineering.


Miss Alyssa believes that science is a subject that encourages curiosity and programming which allows everyone to explore their creativity. With this curiosity and ability to create, she believes her students have the tools necessary to build a foundation to be strong critical thinkers and leaders.


Miss Alyssa feels that the ability to teach and help students realize their true potential is extremely fulfilling. Teaching at a Christian school means that I am able to help our budding critical thinkers understand the role God plays in Science and Programming.


Ashley Paredes


“I had an argument with a 90°angle. It turns out it was right!”


Miss Ashley teaches first through sixth grade math here at Fidelis Academy.

She is currently a student herself at Florida Atlantic University.

This is her second-year teaching at Fidelis Academy and she has enjoyed every minute of it!


Her experience started as a summer camp and afterschool facilitator and decided teaching was her choice of a meaningful career. “Teaching is amazing and so rewarding to make a difference in each student's education. As an educator I feel like at times things get tough but at the end of the day I realize we are learning from each other and my students push me to be a better me day by day.”


Miss Ashley feels that teaching at a Christian school means becoming a close-knit family and watching our students uplift one another and pray for each other daily.

Ghislaine Dalencour


Ms. Ghislaine (Ms.Gigie) has been a teacher for well over 20 years. She received her teaching degree in Elementary Education in Haïti where she taught 5th grade for 12 years.

Miss Gigie also taught French and Creole in Haiti.

Miss Gigie relocated to the United States where she continued her education at Miami Dade College, then Florida International University. She is currently enrolled at ULM where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages.


“Teaching for me is a vocation, a calling. As an educator, I see myself as a potter who has the honor to shape what God has already put there in each child”.


Aristotle said, “Educating the mind without the heart is no education at all.” As a teacher at a Christian school, Miss Gigie feels that she has the opportunity to not only nurture the mind but the child as a whole. She challenges her students academically, socially and spiritually modeling moral maturity and the characteristics of Christ through personal relationships.


Olivia Hilaire


Mrs. Hilaire has been in the classroom for over 6 years. She taught various grades (K-12) for Broward County Public Schools and have since transitioned to private education. She has a Bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida in Finance and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Central Florida.


Mrs. Hilaire also have various certifications in teaching from Florida Department of Education.


Mrs. Hilaire sees her role as an educator is to not just fill the student's minds with facts but to challenge them to learn to think for themselves. It is also important to her that they learn to understand how to seek truth and reject lies in their worldview formation.

Tiffany Bouie



Mrs. Shevonese Daley

Administrative Assistant

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